Lighthouse Leadership works with leaders and leadership teams to help them explore the issues
that really matter to them, to their organisations, and to society. We enable them to unlock their unique
ability to lead and extend their influence. We give our clients space to think and learn by taking them
out of their day to day work and offering the opportunity to explore their issues from different perspectives.
We apply appropriate techniques and tools to help them assimilate the broader and longer-term context
of their work, while taking steps to make progress in real time.


Our direct experience – In the uncertain world where our clients are operating, we have found that it is often
the challenging, scary, and lonely situations which become the most public and most important to them
and their organisations. Helping them find the tools to remain resilient and inspiring at these times is
part of what we work towards.

Our educational, research, and practical experience covers leadership, coaching, and business.