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Chrissy Rodger


Chrissy works alongside individuals and teams to provide an opportunity to tackle the issues that are front of mind. She provides a safe space where they can explore their issues from different perspectives in a way that is not often available to them. They can play with ideas and discuss options where the noise of their day job does not interfere with the good quality thinking they need to undertake. By dissecting their issue with someone who has no hidden agenda they are able to have clarity of thought and space to make the right decisions for themselves.

Chrissy believes in human potential and she specialises in working at a senior level on both long term projects and shorter interventions. Her style easily adapts to the needs of her clients and is both challenging and supportive in equal measure.

Chrissy also works with individuals who want to understand who they are and their place in the World.  She asks her clients to look more closely at how they show up with their friends, families and colleagues and draw out the themes running through their lives.

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