individual leadership style

Chrissy’s work often focuses on people in transitions, those who have already achieved high performance in business and now want to take this to a new level. They may also want to do the same in their personal lives. She strives for people to experience being the best they can be in all areas of their lives. Through individual coaching she encourages her clients to experiment with reflective practices so that they understand who they are, become confident in the way that they learn and to develop their own leadership style. This leads to enhanced performance for the individual and the subsequent organisational benefits.


  • Coached executives to prepare for and to achieve promotions through recognising their talent and ability and using this to influence key decision makers.  This has often resulted in people exploring who they are, what their values are and what they want to contribute to the organisation going forward.
  • Coached a Finance Director who was managing a company buy out of the business under very stressful conditions by helping to keep him grounded when all else around him seemed to be failing.  This was a particularly challenging client as he was managing this process under close media scrutiny.

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