organisational leadership

Lighthouse Leadership works with senior teams and/or the top tier in organisations. The interventions use what is actually happening in the organisation and they are targeted in improving business performance and behaviours. Each organisation is unique and Lighthouse Leadership works with organisations to provide the right support at the right time. Chrissy stands by her clients while they are out of their comfort zones and supports them when their decisions and actions impact on the whole organisation.


  • Worked with executives to develop and implement a global company strategy in a tough market, through tapping into their personal resilience and passion. As a result of this strategy development the company was able to separate from the parent company and has been extremely successful.
  • Worked with a team from a global FMCG to develop an innovative leadership programme for their top 100 which forced the leaders into an experience of operating in uncertain conditions and achieving outstanding results for the business. This resulted in changing the company culture to being more open and honest and as a result the share price has increased considerably.
  • Coached a business team to develop a new global product line in a new market segment in record time. The product has grown and is now a household name.

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