Chrissy’s work often focuses on people in transitions, those who have already achieved high performance in business and now want to take this to a new level. They may also want to do the same in their personal lives. She strives for people to experience being the best they can be in all areas of their lives. Through individual coaching she encourages her clients to experiment with reflective practices so that they understand who they are, become confident in the way that they learn and to develop their own leadership style. This leads to enhanced performance for the individual and the subsequent organisational benefits.


Coached executives to prepare for and to achieve promotions through recognising their talent and ability and using this to influence key decision makers. This has often resulted in people exploring who they are, what their values are and what they want to contribute to the organisation going forward.
Coached a Finance Director who was managing a company buy out of the business under very stressful conditions by helping to keep him grounded when all else around him seemed to be failing. This was a particularly challenging client as he was managing this process under close media scrutiny.


Better quality conversations enable better decision making and this leads to higher performance. Understanding different needs and preferred ways of tackling interactions between individuals and teams improves relationships. This helps leaders to have better quality conversations enabling more effective and powerful solutions for individuals and organisations.

Chrissy uses a variety of tools and techniques together with in the moment feedback that helps her clients achieve what they are capable of. Improving conversations in organisations empower individuals to take effective action.


Worked with a team to help them turn around their brand to becoming one of the world’s most well known personal care brands. This involved confronting the team with the harsh realities of what was holding the brand back – they were the main culprits.
Helped shape and develop a leadership programme within the public sector. This involved giving tough feedback whilst allowing the participants to feel able to experiment with more creative and innovative ideas.


Lighthouse Leadership works with senior teams and/or the top tier in organisations. The interventions use what is actually happening in the organisation and they are targeted in improving business performance and behaviours. Each organisation is unique and Lighthouse Leadership works with organisations to provide the right support at the right time. Chrissy stands by her clients while they are out of their comfort zones and supports them when their decisions and actions impact on the whole organisation.


Worked with executives to develop and implement a global company strategy in a tough market, through tapping into their personal resilience and passion. As a result of this strategy development the company was able to separate from the parent company and has been extremely successful.
Worked with a team from a global FMCG to develop an innovative leadership programme for their top 100 which forced the leaders into an experience of operating in uncertain conditions and achieving outstanding results for the business. This resulted in changing the company culture to being more open and honest and as a result the share price has increased considerably.
Coached a business team to develop a new global product line in a new market segment in record time. The product has grown and is now a household name.